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NameYTZD-T18C Full-auto production line for pail bodies



Product Details

Product Introduction

YTZD-T18C series includes C1 & C2 two types,and the appearance of whole line looks almost same.C1 is economic production line.It adopts 6 rollers with cluth machine head in the seaming part,3 feed cams for symmetrical seaming feeding,air cylinder to push up can.The structure of whole line is simple and easy for maintain.But this type is only for double seam,and the maximum speed is 25CPM.C2 production line is improved & speeded-up based on the C1.It's suitable for both double and triple seam and the maximum speed is 30CPM for both.The clutch in the machine head is canceled.It adopts 4 feed cams for progressive seaming feeding,coaxial transmission for machine head & push-up plate.This type is used for larger scope of application and with higher production efficiency.


Main Technical Parameters

Dimension( L X W X H) : 8500*1750*3100mm

Output: 30cpm

Power of whole line: APP.25KW

Voltage: Three-phase four-line,380V ( can be configured according to different countries)

Air pressure: Not lower than 0.6Mpa

Connection height: 1000±20mm

Weight of whole line: APP.12T (Not include ear welder)


Schematic diagram of production process: design production 30CPM

Stand and convey cans ►Expand the body into conical shape ►Pre-curling & Pre-flanging ►Curling & Flanging ►Beading ►Turn cans upside down ►Seam bottom ►Can body output ►Connect following operations




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