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NameYTZD-T18A2 Full-auto production line for pail bodies



Product Details


The line adopts Siemens Motion Control Mode,purely mechanical cam transmission,mechanical cam conveying can,cam holding can.The capacity & working height can be controlled by PLC.It's assembled with protection device for can jam,rolling-type flanging turn-over can servo,which makes the production process run smoothly & safely,and save more energy & more environment friendly.


Main Technical Parameters

Dimension( LX W X H):8000*1750*3100mm

Output: 40cpm

Power of whole line: APP.30KW

Voltage: Three-phase four-line,380V

Air pressure: Not lower than 0.6Mpa

Connection height: 1200±20mm

Weight of whole: APP.19T


Schematic diagram of production process:(Images are for reference only.Real machines maybe differ.)

The whole line adopts rolling-type triple flanging,triple seaming,and the curling is also rolling type,The output is as fast as 40CPM

Stand and convey cans ►Flang in rolling type ►Seam bottom ►Turn cans upside down ►Expand the body into conical shape ►Curl at barrel mouth ►Beading





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