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NameYHZD-18L Full-auto production line for 18L square cans



Product Details


Used for body production of big square cans,such as 18L and 20L and so on.The line realizes fully automatic production and the output reaches 30CPM.It belongs to advanced equipment on China by now and is suitable for mass production for square cans.



The line adopts purely mechanial cam transmission,cam conveying can,cam holding can.It runs smoothly and safely because of continuously adjustable speed and protection device of can jam.Design of reset groove for expanding square process is in order to avoid the fatigue life of the spring and make this work station more durable.The internal and external grooved pulley design makes sure the flanging is uniform and fast,so that to ensure good seaming quality.


Main Technical Parameters

Applicable range: Big square cans,like 18L,20L chemical cans,grease cans,and so on.

Output: 30cpm

Applicable thickness of material: 0.25-0.35mm

Applicable hardness of tinplate: T2、T2.5、T3 and some of T4

Outline dimension: 19000*1680*2912mm


Production Process

Stand and convey cans ►Look for welding seam for the first time ►Look for welding seam for the second time and locate ►Expand cylindric body into cubic shape ►Make panel corner ►Top flanging ►Bottom flanging ►Seam top ►Turn cans upside down ►Seam bottom ►Finished product






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